Mar. 8th, 2010

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So the place we are moving is not at all what I pictured for us -- but hey. It is in a little town called Millers Falls, about 15 minutes away from Morgan's school.

It is above a pub. Food, drink and booze kind of place. The whole building used to be a dance hall/theater in the 1920's. Now the downstairs is a pub and next to that a Dog grooming salon. So we have a grand staircase from street level, then a ticket booth, a huge kitchen and then monsterous rooms, a pool table and an antique piano. There must be about 3000 sq ft, for me [info]thenowhere, [info]sarianna and [info]echoesinthevoid and the boo.

It is going to be strange, but interesting. I will miss this old place here, but the space we will have. We are giving up on the idea of having a yard, but in trade we have a huge place, an elementary school nearby with a playground and a library right behind us. It is like city living, just in a one horse town.

We are moving on the 10th of April. Come help us, all are welcome.

I will post pictures of the apartment when they are done doing work on it.

Ask Tammy about Parking
Put in change of address forms
Send certified letter to current landlord telling him we are leaving.
Pay 1st, last, security on new place (OHGOD)
Find Boxes!
Reserve Truck
Pack Boxes
Pack Everything.
Hunt Washer and Dryer (pref when we have Truck)
Price and pay for washer and dryer
Call my mommy
Call mommy
Movers? (I think they might be too expensive even for the cheap 2 hour ones)
Get rid of outside stuff -- like Morgan's pool, ATV, Elliptical, Bikes? What do we want to do with the Bikes?
Miss outside space
Label books and games when we pack them.
Return mommy's books
Find a new ped?
Find a new pharmacy
Take picture
Clean here


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