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So things here are a crazy whir and click of change. 

Amber is working her overnights, now Tue, Thur and Sun (every other week) for a grand total of 26 or 39 hours.  We are hoping to up that some more, to perhaps constantly 39 or more hours.  She is getting ready to apply to a funded post bac program at Smith in Math.  All of this I am sure I have mentioned in some fashion.  

I am interviewing and looking for jobs outside of my ideal locations and ideal skill set. 

We are looking for new housing because here smells of smoke and old drunk in the basement.  We are having a lot of trouble finding housing.  It is a state of extreme need to do /something/ instead of wait. 

It is also the time of year to reapply for financing for Morgan's school and I have failed to turn in the FA paperwork on time (which I am usually quite good at) and I have a constant state of foreboding about it. 

My credit card is paid off, with my tax return, leaving us with less than I need to pay this months bills and move, but soon Amber will start getting paychecks.  Which may help us slide by, but likely won't pay for Morgan's school next year.  The stress of it all is really getting to me. 

Tonight will be the first night of Morgan and me on our own and I am not sure what we will do about Harry Potter time (which is Amber's thing), but we will figure something out. 

I don't feel like things are changing for the better yet, and after the last year of doom it is hard to be hopeful. 

Mostly I am just typing so the tight knot in my belly goes away after doing apartment hunting, bill paying, FA paperwork.  I have felt anxious and on edge, near to tears since last night, but that doesn't stop these things from needing to be done. 


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