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The Morgan school thing has come together.  I need to pay $750 by May 15th and then about $300 a month from there on out, and they will let us work off about $3k for the year.  They are very good to us, but this will be a serious stretch, and we will work it out -- slow but sure. 

The apartment -- we have signed the lease, but the place is filthy -- we went up and cleaned for a few hours today and we have some more days of this.  There is roof leaking in the hallway, but we knew there were roof problems and they have a grant to fix it and are just waiting on bids.  That is what they tell me.  The pellet stove that is there is actually crap -- it doesn't really stay lit.  They are going to replace that too before next winter.  I am just feeling anxious.   There is so much that could go wrong. 

It is big and beautiful -- but run down and not -- a family home.  It is after lease jitters.  When money is tight you can get trapped somewhere.  We have sold some stuff for less than it was worth -- but we don't have to move it and the money is nice. 

The move date is scheduled for April 10th.  <a href="http://tearsinger.livejournal.com/432744.html">It is a year later.</a> Mike's (my step dad) memorial conference was this weekend.  It was wonderful to see so many people come together to celebrate his life.  He was a wonderful and well loved man.  It is such a damn shame and there is something about life that has never been normal since. 

It has been a dark year.  I have had a lot of struggles this year with identity and worth, money and college and what I could have, would have, should have. 

I have had to face a lot about me I don't want this year.

Anyway -- life is slowly getting better.  I've got 5 more hours a week at work. 


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