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Packing, packing packing.  Living here for five years has made for too much stuff.  The basement had to be packed twice.  Once was with help from a friend who packed everything.  We unpacked everything and got rid of half of it.  Morgan's room is packed now, which took me most of the day.  My room and the living room are mostly packed -- but the kitchen(s) need combining.  We have sold some stuff of craigslist. 

We are accomplished, but it took me taking 3 days off this week and really overdoing it on my poor wrist.  I think the brace is messing me up more than it is helping, but I am under strict instructions to wear it unless in the shower.  Ugh.  I don't want to be gimpy. 

Tomorrow we get keys and finish packing.  Saturday we pack the truck (it is supposed to rain), and move everything to the new house.  I am in heaven thinking about the yard, porch and deck.  I don't want to think about four adults and a kid and one bathroom.  It will be an adjustment for everyone. 

We are excited, and nervous. 

This is actually the only place Morgan remembers us living.  He is being very good given that we are pulling him from his home. 


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