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Oy what a hell of a week. 

We were packed -- like crazy packed before this move.  We even took apart Morgan's bed in advance.  The rain mostly held off, and the truck was perfect, on time and ran well.

We lost some of our help to sickness and some to bad timing, but all who came to help us busted ass.  But the truck was too small -- or more to the point -- we, collectively have too much stuff.  Kitchens were culled and I got rid of about 30% of everything we owned, byt donations, craigslist and throwing it away, but we still had too much stuff. 

So we had the day of moving, where we started at 7am and had just barely finished by 7pm, with a fair bit of stuff left at the old house, some of it bigish.  It was a long day, then followed by a trip back to drop the truck off and another load up at the old house.  We loaded up and then headed back to Greenfield and went out to dinner at about 9:45pm.  A busted wrist made this a much longer day than it needed to be.

Day next was lost to looking for stuff and unpacking, with go go go until 9:30 when we went grocery shopping.  Yay school vacation, because I can do crazy crap like that.  The kitchen got set up and unpacked. 

Monday was hell.  Kitty had been sick with urinary blockage and came home on Friday night before the move, and he had been peeing less and less, so he went back to the vet -- we got all sorts of at home to do medical stuff, like subQ fluids and steroid shots.  Then we got to go to the old apartment and clean.  We got home at 11pm with the last load since so much got left behind.

Tuesday I called into work, did some serious unpacking and went to bed on time for once.  I also got my wrist looked at and they took away my brace so I can regain strength in the wrist in the hand -- which just means it hurts like hell for a good cause. 

Today I am writing this instead of being at work because Amber got delayed at work and I am gonna be late.
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