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I don't blog much anymore and this annoys me, but for the past few years I have been so craptaularly busy that I have just fallen out of the habit. 

Here is the long of it, since I don't ever update: 

My wrist is healed, as in they took the splint away two weeks ago and it still fucking hurts and I cannot support my weight on it to lean on a table, get up from the floor, or roll across the bed.  This sucks and I am starting to wonder when I should go back and get it checked again, since they told me to make an appointment if it didn't strengthen back up.  It doesn't pain me unless I tweak it wrong or try to lean on it.  It often hurts in the morning from sleeping or moving across the bed. 

We are moved and 3/4 unpacked.  We have found a washer and dryer and hosted Morgan's birthday party here.  I have to take pictures of the house -- there are spots where it is a little run down and chav-tastic -- the deck, yard and basement need a little love, but this is the most wonderful house.  I love this house.  There is nothing amazing about it, besides the creek and the yard, but it is perfect and I love everything about it, except for as noted above.  Were it mine I would be delighted, and I would have a plan for all these little things that need to be fixed.  For now we will just work with the landlord -- and hope they are more on top of things than the state of the house would imply.  I know they love the house like I do though -- they raised their kids here. 

Next weekend we start the garden.  Have I mentioned I have the best yard ever. 

I have to take pictures. 

I am working a few more hours a week now, all the way to 30, which leaves me exhausted because of the sheer effort involved in taking a bunch of unmotivated slackers* and getting them to help me unpack a house -- and me with a gimpy paw still.

The kitchen, livingroom, dining room and somewhat the kid's room are done.  Adult bedrooms are in flux still.  The basement, rec and office space are still being worked on. 

I am so tired.  I am going to bed.  I might be a better blogger later. 


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