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This weekend we only had overnight company of the kid variety two nights and the overnight company of the adult type one night and out of town company of two different varieties.  That and we managed all the chores, except making cat food and we tore apart the beds in the front of the house and cut back the ten food rhododendrons to be two foot bushes that are not all death and rot.   We also pulled the mayhem from by the fence and found either wild roses or berry bushes, but they cane all over the place and they have bitchy thorns.  We cut some branches from the dogwood tree that someone badly butchered before us and sealed them in hopes of saving the tree.  Sadly we have resorted to chemicals to stop the life of the maple tree that started as a weed, but is slowly starting to take over and is going to kill everything else if we don't get it to die. 

A wheelbarrow and chickenwire for yard waste compost is now my favorite thing.  Although spending $70 at the hardware store was not so fun, but now I own my own smallish bolt cutters and have gained food for plants, death for plants, and death for -- well sealant for cut trees. 

I wish we had taken a before picture.  Apparently the house has a crazy amount of grape vines.  I like to destruct and restruct, but I have trouble spending money on landscaping when we rent, so instead we get things that grow and feed us, which pleases and excites me.  I can't wait to own a house so I can put fruit trees in. 

My mommy, amber and I gardened all day today.  Morgan also got himself grounded today for the first time ever.  One week, no friends over -- no playing next door, no play dates, no after school.  We are having the battle of wills, but I am sure I will win.  I am glad enough to do it now when he is still small enough to be scruffed and put to bed.   

So that is the most leisure time I have had in six weeks.  One day I might sleep in, or have extra time -- or spend time with my girly.


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