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So there is the current apartment saga that has gone on for about six months:

Latest installment is <a href ="http://thenowhere.livejournal.com/773457.html">here</a>. 

In other less insane news I put in my two weeks notice today.  I have worked here for pretty much three years on the pretty nose.  I love the people.  I love the feel of the library.  I love being in a place with books all day.  This was my first real computer job, where I got to do hands on stuff that was cool and awesome and people patted me on the head for it. 

But here I am a second class citizen, a temp worker and not part of the club.  I miss meetings, work parties and other such celebrations.  I am not offered the card to sign when people retire.  I am left out, often by my own supervisor.  I have liked it here.  They let me adventure and they let me play with stuff.  They leave me alone when I am discovering for the most part and they let me be a quirky, bouncy, chatting girl who talks to computers and swears sometimes.  

This job has seen me through almost all of my degree.  I started here the summer after my second year at Smith.  I started here and took 3 weeks off for gall bladder surgery.  They humor me and they don't mind that I make myself laugh.  Here I have a coworker who is so much like me it is scary.  

But three weeks ago I was offered a job -- a real job -- as real staff -- with real pay.   My first job that really pays me.  It is for Umass.  It has benefits.  It has paychecks.  It has computers.  They really like me and they offered me the top of the listed pay scale.  It is a real job.  Really.

However, for three weeks we have been waiting on a new type of background check, which has finally gone through.  I have been loathe to speak of it before now, because I didn't want to jinks it.  In fact I am a little fearful now since we have 2 more weeks more before Mercury comes out of retrograde.  But I have given the notice and am aiming to start there in three weeks -- giving me a week between jobs to get my head on straight with all that is going on in the House of Chaos(tm)

I have a job.  Just shy of one year from graduation I have a job!

The job is computer technician stuff, same as here at Smith.  Honestly, I love it.  Systems Administration is where I am headed.   
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