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So I am home alone, sitting on my couch. I am contemplating a bagel and now I am spoiled rotten because I don't know what is in the fridge because I never open the fridge because all of my food is prepared and served to me. I hate the kitchen. in the new house the kitchen will have sunshine and a table I can sit at. This house has none of those things.

I am watching emails fly back and forth about the purchase of my house. The lawyers are emailing back and forth about the Purchase and Sale agreement, and changing things. It is the 2 week waiting time instead of the six week waiting time. And our Mortgage guy just went on leave to have knee surgery.

It is cold in the house during the day, because the heat automatically turns down. I could get up and turn it off, but it is in the kitchen and we have talked about the problem with that. And I have a blanket and kitty.

I wish I had a movie to watch, but then again I might go read old logs all day.

Amber is coming home to make sure I don't eat cookies for lunch.


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