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So Amber has been working at Morgan's school to pay off his tuition.  They run an afterschool program which he attends, which we thought was part of this deal, so only in cases where job hunting made it necessary, or Amber was at the school working, making far more an hour than afterschool cost Morgan would stay at afterschool to the tune of $11 on normal days or $25 on half days (Weds).  Well this has built up on our bill and we have recently found out that this cannot be paid for by Amber working it off.  So we now owe them 367 + some amount from the last two weeks.  Maybe $22?  We owe it.  We don't have it to spare.  We don't have it at all. 

The school is being generous already, by letting us work off his tuition,  so I don't want to bitch that they told us not to worry about it and then took two months to get us an answer.  Ugh.  We haven't abused it, but have used it like once a week on average.  Which is upwards of 44 a month, plus the 150 from the week before school started. 


That and -- gas costs and other assorted things like car repairs and books are killing us. They aren't really in the budget on what I make, but the kid goes to school 26 miles from the house.  He has to go to school.  We have to take him to school.  Car pooling has been a failure.  Amber usually stays up there were his school is most days to cut the gas in half.  Gas goes on the credit card, because it is not in the budget.  Everything else not in the budget is not purchased or put on the card -- like OMG the car is broken.  Or OMG amber needs a book for classes. 

I'm going to need 2k to move, and another 2k to pay the card off, then 400 for afterschool and $300/400 for Amber's guitar teacher who said "Don't pay me unless you can afford to," except I am sure he was expecting it to get better before now. 

I have $900 in my savings account -- rent for March is $800 and I don't have enough left in checking to cover this months bills, none of which have been paid yet. 

Better yet, I can't file for my state taxes because I don't have the health insurance form required -- but I had state MassHealth health insurance last year, until they cut me off this month because bringing in $1600 for a family of two is too much money for me to get MassHealth (Medicare).  So yesterday I had to shell out $88 for blood sugar meds because my new insurance for poor people only can start on the first of the month and my old one expired on the 29th and so I didn't get the paperwork and notification until it was too late to register for the month. 

This is the last month savings would cover and I though it was just in time, since Amber was gonna start working part time next week, but the guy doesn't need anyone for those hours now and who knows when else she will be able to get hours and how long we are going to have to wait and I am out of money and it is terrifying.  

I am excited to go to the FFF this weekend in providence, which will pay us a little money for busting ass all weekend for like 10 hour days. 

It brings back so many bad flash backs to Ithaca, collectors, evictions, feeling hopeless, helpless and worthless.  It spent a lot of years like that and I don't want to go back.  It is like my biggest fear. 

Amber was supposed to be working next week, at like 30 some odd hours and now that she is not I feel tricked.  It was just on the verge of getting better and we were hoping and counting on that and now everything feels broken. 

I did what I was supposed to.  I did college.  I busted ass.  I took a hard major.  I did what I was supposed to damn it.  I graduated and I saved and I ended with 10k and it is gone.  It feels like everything I worked for is gone.  Why isn't anything working.  What the fuck is wrong with my life.  Why doesn't anything ever come easy for me.  

Sorry for the self pity.  I know it is stupid and I have to have a good outlook, but how long can you live your life "With the Goal in mind"? 

What the fuck is the goal now? 

Not to fall of the edge of the edge of the world?
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Morgan in all seriousness : "Y'know my math homework?  The elves help me with it.  Ever since they gave me those shiny rocks for Christmas I have been able to communicate with them with my mind."

In other news, I have another job interview type thing on Monday.  It is just a meeting with a temp agency, which blows, but whatever. 

In more other news Amber got 24 hours/week with the PCA place, Friday and Saturday night and has lost those hours already, so she is back down to not knowing when she works /if at all.  FML.  

In some other more news The FFF starts tomorrow in Providence and I should really be doing something like getting ready, since we leave tomorrow at 10, and we leave behind McGee with Daddy, who will be leaving for Grandma's before we get back and needs to be packed as well and ready to go.  

In additional other news we have not heard word one about the apartment I like.  I am feeling anxious about the life changes and having room mates again, and this time with a kid, anxious about living in greenfield, living further from work and some of the job prospects I have, but excited about the idea of having 1/2 bills and only paying $550 in rent, instead of $800, and less gas since the house is near Morgan's school.

In some random other news of the more variety, I am having heart palpatations about the fact that we just found out Afterschool program costs are not part of the deal where Amber's working pays for it and she had been sending McGee to afterschool so she could work a few more hours.  We have mostly used it sparingly, but I need to pay off all of the afterschool costs since September, pretty much asap.  We are looking into seeing if Child care vouchers will help us with back owed child care.  Also I really need to send Amber's and Morgan's guitar teacher a check. 

On that note: Morgan keeps making music samples in the recording studio instead of playing guitar while he is there.  I blame spending too much formitive time listening to Deathboy's "A very technical boy"   When I figure out how perhaps I will upload his musical samples to just have here.  Why the hell not, right? 

Totally unrelated to music and back to OMFG MONEY, I really need to figure out how to pay off my credit card, since gas and care repairs aren't in the budget and they have sort of piled up there again.  Fuck.

Also, Brinner is served so I need to go.
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I am looking for a job and I am looking for help in doing that.

I have a nice resume. I want to do user support, with some dabbling in systems, servers and coding as needed to better serve the users. I currently do this in a small dept at Smith College Libraries, supporting all of the staff and their systems and programs, as well as the student labs and media machines. I like my job because as we get new systems and needs, we have to do new and interesting things to support them. I use GhostCast Sever and Console and TrackIt for asset tracking, inventory and help ticket management. I helped set up both of these server systems. I led the Ghost projects -- moving us from imaging one computer at a time with a BartPE boot disk and an external hard drive to be able to multicast whole classrooms, and soon to be able to cast over the network using ghost console. I have changed our laptop imaging process to being able to boot from a pendrive and cast the image from that same drive, so circulation can reimage our loaner laptops each time them come in and I can just update the image on the drive as I need to. This helped with the problems we were having with Deepfreeze and Clean Access Agent that prevented computers that had not updated (which deepfreeze prevented) from connecting to the network. My current job loves me because I started with boring stuff, standard student work, and within months they were letting me play with the severs because I managed to use a very small amount of time to show them a test server that could do things better than they were doing it. All of the staff love me because I fix stuff without treating them like they are dumb or anything. I have had days where I was the only one in for my whole department and I dealt with things as they came. Nothing exploded.

My special talents are: I can learn anything quickly, I am not afraid to try new stuff, I know lots of people in IT for help problem solving, I can organize anything, I write awesome documentation, I love solving problems, I get along with everyone, I can see easier ways to do things, I work on my own projects well, I can do really boring things for long periods of time (like doing program updates one at a time for every staff member).

I don't like travel, but I could get used to it. I would really like a job with benefits at full or 3/4 time. I would like to work the 8-4, 9-5 dayjob stint without weekends, but I would be happy to work one weekend day, if I had to, but I need time with my kiddo. I am happy to work evenings/weekends remotely and already do this unpaid when I am stuck on something at work, but I would like to be paid for it now that I have a degree and all.

I really want to work in the CNY area, within 45 minutes of Ithaca or Cortland. I am happy to stay here and work within 30-45 minutes of Greenfield, MA but all things being equal would jump at the chance to go home again.

Resume available by request.


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