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I am looking for a job and I am looking for help in doing that.

I have a nice resume. I want to do user support, with some dabbling in systems, servers and coding as needed to better serve the users. I currently do this in a small dept at Smith College Libraries, supporting all of the staff and their systems and programs, as well as the student labs and media machines. I like my job because as we get new systems and needs, we have to do new and interesting things to support them. I use GhostCast Sever and Console and TrackIt for asset tracking, inventory and help ticket management. I helped set up both of these server systems. I led the Ghost projects -- moving us from imaging one computer at a time with a BartPE boot disk and an external hard drive to be able to multicast whole classrooms, and soon to be able to cast over the network using ghost console. I have changed our laptop imaging process to being able to boot from a pendrive and cast the image from that same drive, so circulation can reimage our loaner laptops each time them come in and I can just update the image on the drive as I need to. This helped with the problems we were having with Deepfreeze and Clean Access Agent that prevented computers that had not updated (which deepfreeze prevented) from connecting to the network. My current job loves me because I started with boring stuff, standard student work, and within months they were letting me play with the severs because I managed to use a very small amount of time to show them a test server that could do things better than they were doing it. All of the staff love me because I fix stuff without treating them like they are dumb or anything. I have had days where I was the only one in for my whole department and I dealt with things as they came. Nothing exploded.

My special talents are: I can learn anything quickly, I am not afraid to try new stuff, I know lots of people in IT for help problem solving, I can organize anything, I write awesome documentation, I love solving problems, I get along with everyone, I can see easier ways to do things, I work on my own projects well, I can do really boring things for long periods of time (like doing program updates one at a time for every staff member).

I don't like travel, but I could get used to it. I would really like a job with benefits at full or 3/4 time. I would like to work the 8-4, 9-5 dayjob stint without weekends, but I would be happy to work one weekend day, if I had to, but I need time with my kiddo. I am happy to work evenings/weekends remotely and already do this unpaid when I am stuck on something at work, but I would like to be paid for it now that I have a degree and all.

I really want to work in the CNY area, within 45 minutes of Ithaca or Cortland. I am happy to stay here and work within 30-45 minutes of Greenfield, MA but all things being equal would jump at the chance to go home again.

Resume available by request.


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