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So i woke up this morning to Amber telling me the smoke detector was going off downstairs and did I think the house looked hazy.  I jumped out of bed, because we have a drunk living in the basement who set the house on fire about a year ago -- no damage, lots of smoke, and Fire Dept visit to clean out the smoke.  Thank God we were home that time -- we were just about to leave when the smoke started. 

Today, Lo and Behold, was similar.  Amber woke up to the alarm clock and the fire alarm in the basement could he hear (faintly) I grabbed Morgan out of a smokey house and dragged him outside in the cold rain at 6:15 this morning with a blanket, rain boots and PJs, while Amber got out and called the neighbors to get out of their house.  We left the pets this time, like we are supposed to.  :( We called 911 and they didn't miss the house this time.  But when they got here they could not get into the downstairs apartment where the fire was.  Metal doors, even hollow ones are very resistant to a fireman's axe.  Finally they got in and it was a stove fire because he was passed out and cooking again.  Then the fire dept had to clear the smoke and they sent Amber back into the smoke for the pets so they didn't die before the smoke cleared.  Next time ( I hope there never is one ) We will take the pets if we can because we had a hard time finding the cat after the alarms were going off and the fire dept were here.  He had clawed his way into my boxspring and was hiding there.  We finally got back into the house about an hour later and made a mad dash to get ready for the day.  Since then I have had like 3 medium coffees and the let down from the adrenaline, so I am all dizzy and shaky -- I seldom drink caffeine anymore.

All pets and people seem to be fine, but the house smells of smoke and I am sure Morgan is traumatized and will never sleep again.  Just another day in "Fuck, This Cannot Be My Life" tm


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