Apr. 12th, 2010

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We signed a lease on Saturday -- but it won't be finalized until next Saturday when Doug signs and we get keys -- yes that is the day we are moving too.  There are no pictures this time because I don't want to jinx it.  It is a little house behind the elementary school, with a little creek, a deck and a big yard.  The outside space is more impressive than the inside space, which will be a squeeze for us four adults and one kiddo.  Compromise and rules abound, along with me getting rid of a metric ton of stuff.   Ugh.  The bedrooms are all beyond small.  The biggest is like 11X12 and the smallest is 10X8.  One adult couple will end up in the small room because Morgan needs a bigger room if he is going to keep all his crap in it. 

There is a nice kitchen (no dishwasher), normal sized living room and reasonable dining room. 

The basement is walk out under the desk, ground level and is partially finished (sort of) and that is where one TV game room area will be, and all the desks and office stuff will go. 

We need to buy our own washer dryer and dehumidifier.   It is a house, a cute (little) house, instead of a huge large apartment.  It has its ups and downs from the other place.  

My wrist still hurts like bitches ( I may have broken it a week ago falling off my bike) and I have an orthopedic appointment tomorrow that I must leave work early for. 

Amber is at work and gimpy or not I need to pack.


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